Gallows Bank & Stytch Brook provide an ideal habitat for a rich variety of different trees, plants & wildlife. The Gallows Bank and Stych Brook Millennium Trust try to ensure that the green remains as an inviting and harmonious space to all that reside here and are constantly trying to make improvements both in terms of conservation and to benefit the many people that use it as a place of informal recreation. Recently the trust has overseen the planting of new trees and wild flowering plants to add to the environment both aesthetically and to provide an even greater scope of habitat for the existing wildlife, this will also hopefully attract further species to the area. Follow the Nature Trail pages below for a sample list of resident flora and fauna, there are also a selection of photos for identification. Many thanks go to John Crellin at for providing the majority of source photographs shown. Please take time to visit his fantastic site to see the original photos and discover a vast array of other native species.

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